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Stinger Concealment System: Trigger Guard Protection Cover, Belt Clip Minimalist Carry Solution, Holsterless (5 pcs Bulk Deal)

*Any coupon code is NOT valid to Bulk Deals

Fit most standard size and compact size handguns with rail.

Confirmed Handgun Model:
SPRINGFIELD XD / XD-M, 4" & above

The Stinger Tools Trigger Guard Protection with Belt Clip


Compatible Brands Full Size Compact Sub-Compact
M&P | Smith & Wesson
XD & XDM | Springfield
*Fits most standard size and compact size handguns with rail & at least 4"  long barrel.



Trigger Guard Protection with Belt Clip

The STINGER CONCEALMENT SYSTEM is an IWB (Inside the Waistband) minimalist concealed carry holster.  Unlike any other IWB holsters, the Stinger covers only the trigger guard of the weapon.  This unique design eliminates the bulk of a traditional holster while providing our patented, flip-open trigger cover that offers safety and security by simply sticking a pistol into your waistband.

Trigger Guard Protection with Belt Clip
Trigger Guard Protection with Belt Clip

The trigger cover keeps your finger off the trigger, which prevents accidental discharge while allowing for the slide to be cycled and the magazine to be released. This gives users the ability to clear the weapon without the danger of a negligent discharge.

Trigger Guard Protection with Belt Clip
Trigger Guard Protection with Belt Clip The Stinger Tools

Disclaimer, Release, Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement

There are Federal, State and Local restrictions in some jurisdictions prohibiting the possession or use of weapons, even for self-defense. TheStingerTools.com, will NOT sell any products in violation thereof. It is the responsibility of you, the Buyer, not TheStingerTools.com, to understand the local, state, and federal laws of before placing an order. By placing an order, you, the Buyer, represent that you do not live in a location where our products are restricted from manufacture, sale, shipment, purchase, or possession.

If you, the Buyer, are unsure of your state’s laws and regulations pertaining to any product you want to order, you must consult local, state, and federal authorities to be certain you are not breaking any laws or regulations. The buyer expressly agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend TheStingerTools.com for all claims and legal actions resulting directly or indirectly from the purchase, shipment, ownership, and use of the item in compliance or violation of federal, state, and local laws or regulations.

All products sold on TheStingerTools.com are for self-defense and training purposes only. We, under no circumstances, will sell to minors, or to anyone we feel may use our products for illegal purposes. We reserve the right to decline any order. By placing an order, you, the Buyer, represent that you are of legal age and that products purchased will be used only in a legal manner.

Under no circumstance is TheStingerTools.com liable for any loss, cost or damage, of any kind arising out of the use or inability to use, these products, or the suitability of use for any particular task. Owning and/or carrying a self-defense product is a large responsibility. If you are not sure whether you are qualified to carry a self-defense product, please do not buy our products until you receive proper training.

By ordering products from TheStingerTools.com, you, the Buyer, are certifying that you are at least 18 years of age or older and under no legal disability. You, the Buyer, are also certifying that the products ordered will be used only in a lawful manner and that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms posted here on this page. TheStingerTools.com is not responsible for any physical harm or damage from the use or misuse of self-defense products purchased from us. You, the Buyer, expressly agree to indemnify and hold harmless TheStingerTools.com for all claims resulting directly or indirectly from the purchase, ownership, and use of the item in compliance or violation of federal state and local laws or regulations. 

If paying by credit card you are authorizing TheStingerTools.com to charge your account the total shown on the order form including shipping costs and any related taxes.


If you have any question, please contact us.
Website: www.thestingertools.com
E-mail: support@thestingertools.com

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