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Why Car Emergency Escape Tool Is Important?

February 07, 2022

Why Car Emergency Escape Tool Is Important?

Modern automobiles are loaded with safety features and technologies designed to make our driving experience as safe as possible. Unfortunately, car accidents do happen and most drivers never consider what would happen if they are trapped in a burning or sinking vehicle. It may take some time for emergency services to arrive, and every second counts when you're involved in a collision, so being prepared for any possible situation could be critical to survival. Keeping a car emergency escape tool in your glove box, center console, keychain, or even plugged into your cigarette lighter could save your life one day. Most car escape tools allow you to shatter your car’s side windows and cut your seatbelt, allowing you to escape from your vehicle quickly.

Use Vehicle Headrests to Break Car Windows?

You may argue that you can break car windows with your headrest, so why do you need a car emergency escape tool? Yes, your headrest is left intentionally detachable and sharp so that it can be used to break a vehicle's window. However, the truth is you may not have enough room to remove the headrest and use it to break your window if your car is crashed and twisted. Not to mention many drivers don’t even practice removing and using the headrest.

Which Type of Car Emergency Window Breaker is Better?

There are two types of window breakers on the market today:

  1. Manual (hammer style) which requires force and space.
  2. Spring-loaded (spring-assisted) which automatically activates when gently press it against your car’s side window.

Both are good to have, but we believe the spring-loaded one is more ideal. The hammer style requires an arm motion to swing the hammer but as previously mentioned, you may not have enough room to swing the hammer if your car is crashed and twisted. And you may be unable to reach the tool or forget where is it after a while.

The spring-loaded window breaker was found to be more effective in breaking tempered side windows. It is very easy to use; simply push it all the way down against the window with a gentle force; even a child can use it. And most spring-loaded window breakers are designed as a daily use accessory like a USB car charger, Cell Phone Holder, or Keychain, so it is always within your reach.

Here at Stinger, we have different kinds of car emergency tools that have been trusted by thousands of customers. All of them are our original and patented designs. Click below images for more details.

Stinger USB Car Charger Emergency Escape Tool, Car Window Breaker, Seatbelt Cutter
Stinger Super Duty Car Emergency Tool, Spring-Load Car Window Breaker, Seatbelt Cutter
Stinger Car Air vent Mount Emergency Escape Tool
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