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FREE SHIPPING on all orders within the USA. No sales tax if shipping out of Texas state. DUE TO THE CHINESE NEW YEAR HOLIDAY, ALL INTERNATIONAL ORDER WILL BE DELAYED UNTIL 1/30/2023

Stinger Whip to Fist Mini (Monkey Fist) + GPCA X Grip Carabiner

This product only can ship in the USA

Key Features:

  • Multifunctional emergency and personal safety monkey fist.
  • The hardened steel glass breaker works easily and quickly to give you the best chance of escaping your vehicle.
  • No special training or special techniques are required for the Stinger Monkey Fist to be used effectively. Simple self-defense for everybody.
  • Solid built EDC carabiner with Pocket/ Belt Clip
  • Handgrip for daily tasks and your camping/ hiking trip
  • Dedicated Dog leash zone so you can tether your 4-legged friends anywhere
  • Secret capsule – carry a small message you designed
  • “EDC for ALL” – Gizmodo

Stinger Whip Car Emergency Tool GPCA X Grip Carabiner

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